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KWTF is Sonoma County’s newest public radio station. Find out what you can do to be a part of the team and support your local community.

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We invite you to read more about our goals and hopes for Sonoma County's KWTF

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We provide public radio shows. They are really quite good, go ahead and look up yor favorite DJ or genre and enjoy the digital archive.

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KWTF is interested in what you have to say. Let us know what you think or reach out to us to become a part of KWTF.

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Charge it up! Become a supporting member of KWTF Radio Today!

KWTF is reaching out to ask you to help us operate and grow by becoming a supporting member today!

KWTF needs 200 people to pledge $5-$25 per month to give us the financial support we need to operate and be the best radio station we can be. Currently we have 25 supporting members, we have 175 to go! Membership is simple; a tax deductible monthly donation of $5-25 or more can be made by credit card or PayPal by going here. Your donations help us produce music, arts, and community affairs programs that represent the interests and concerns of our wonderfully diverse population.

Our original goal was to raise $140,000 to get the radio station up and running. We are proud to report that we raised $60,000 and have successfully launched and operated the station for almost 2 years. We spend $2,000 a month on operating expenses, and our income is currently $200 per month. To operate and grow, we need 175 more people like you to support KWTF by donating $5-$25 per month to cover our operating expenses.

Thanks to community members like you, KWTF is now on the air!  KWTF is Sonoma County's newest listener-supported full power community radio station, broadcasting from Bodega Bay at 88.1 FM and streaming on the Internet at We are currently working on expanding our signal so that we can produce even more great local programming.

Please help us add community voices to the airwaves and help KWTF grow by becoming a member today! Tell your friends! If you have questions about membership or volunteer op